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A teenage girl, raped, becomes pregnant. A firefighter suddenly finds out he is dying of cancer. A desperate mom, ready to throw herself and her child in front of a train. An angry teenager attracted to gangs. A hopeless drug addict sits in a jail cell with a noose around his neck. A crumbled marriage has no life and no chance to continue. A young girl on her way to have an abortion. These lives and many more unknowingly are at an intersection with destiny to meet the God who created and loves them.

Starting with the striking hard bound cloth cover embossed with foil lettering, to the powerful images throughout its glossy pages, TESTIFY will hold the reader spellbound. These are more than mere encouraging stories, they are divine intersections of humanity and deity; an Almighty God who saves every tear in a bottle intervenes in broken lives. TESTIFY represents every day people from many different walks-of-life common to each of us in one way or another. The message of each testimony is to minister hope and change the life of every reader who shares the same circumstance.

Purchase TESTIFY for your self, your family, friends and even your office. It will get picked up and read.

TESTIFY the book is ready for delivery today. Beautifully packed with rich images and awesome testimony, it is carefully shipped in bubble wrap and media pack. It can arrive at your house in as little as 3-5 business days.

Price is $29.95 plus shipping and handling. For applicable discounts on package deals, please contact us. We ship within 24 hours of your purchase.

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