“I love reading people’s stories about how they overcame severe trials through Christ or made a U-turn to change the arc of their lives when they asked Jesus into their lives. “Testify” was a wonderful book, and the impact of these gut-wrenching stories was made even more real by the stark black-and-white photography. I loved the layout of this coffee table-sized book. As a Southern Californian, I could relate to many of these stories because many of these people came from the SoCal beach culture, but that might not appeal to readers from other parts of the country. Still, a great conversion story is a great conversion story, no matter what the circumstances. You won’t be disappointed by “Testify”!”

Amazon Book Review – Fascinating Stories, February 7, 2012
Mike Yorkey (Encinitas, California) – See all my reviews


- Vel, San Clemente, CA


“Testify is an amazing account of God’s supernatural power touching and changing ordinary people and giving them incredible testimonies. This book is a great reminder that God is still moving in the world today. He is ready to touch our lives no matter who we are. Testimonies are powerful because we get to see what God is doing now, and as a result, faith comes. Your faith will rise up as you read this book!”

- Michael Gehringer, Author of Extreme Missions: A New Breed of Supernatural Warriors , Redding, CA


“It’s amazing! We have it on our living room coffee table for all to see. Keep being creative! Blessings.”

- Kevin Dedmon, Pastor & Author “The Ultimate Treasure Hunt & Unlocking Heaven: Keys to Living a Supernatural Life” , Redding, CA


“The indisputable power of experiencing something for yourself…that’s what Annie’s book is all about. The words “I once was blind but now I see”…were spoken first by a man that had been born blind and found himself in a firestorm of controversy because Jesus had healed him—- long before they found their way into the famous song “Amazing Grace”. Believe it or not, like it or not, face the facts or not, let it seep into your soul or not, the truth is Jesus is still doing miracles today—and for the same reasons he did them in the Bible times: because he loves people… and wants us to know who he is. Each of these stories shines a light on this fact… Well, it’s a fact to those who see now… Why not open the book and then open your heart and let that light shine in on you?”

- Eric Stovesand, Pastor, Church on the Mountain, Crowley Lake, CA


“This book came into my life at just the right time (don’t you love when God does that?), and I found myself deeply moved and encouraged by the stories of restoration, healing, redemption, and the supernatural power of God. The testimonies cover everything from saved marriages to people who were healed of terminal illnesses, with each story being accompanied by several beautiful photographs. Testify provides a birds-eye view into the trials and miracles in the lives of fellow believers–and I found my own faith greatly strengthened as I read. It’s a gorgeous, completely unique coffee table book, and would make a truly lovely gift. ”

- Paula Friedrichsen, published author and conference speaker: www.PFMinistries.com


“This morning, your book came to our door literally in the midst of our prayer time, and brought incredible encouragement. Not only to see the faces and stories of our loved ones back in CA, but to recognize the breakthrough that the book itself represents … ”

- Chris N. Nashville, TN


“I was at a friend’s home last night (she is currently going through chemo for breast cancer) and I saw your book “Testify!” on the coffee table. I began looking through it and was very quickly moved to tears of joy for our Savior’s awesome love, power & faithfulness. What an awesome book! ”

- Grace L. San Clemente, CA


“This is an amazing book! You did a beautiful job, and I loved what everyone shared. ”

- Janiece H. Aliso Viejo, CA


“Annie, Sue was so gracious to give me your book, or maybe just lend it to me. I have no way of getting in touch with her. Would you please thank her again for me . I have recognized a few people in the book. Scott Bailiey, Louise and of course Pancho…I have not finished but I am close ….It is a very beautiful book of love and hope..I am on page 173 and read a little more each day…Great book Annie! ”

- Greg, Newport Beach, CA


“I loved the book so much I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the standing stones and the photos. I loved the way it was written and put together. I loved learning about our Father and how He relates with His children. Keep up the great great great work! ”

- Dawn R., Vista, CA


“Wow!!! This book is magnificent…the Testimonies are HUGE!!! Your design is “off the charts”! ”

- Paul L., Brentwood, TN


“A young girl who came home and told her mother that many girls in her High School were getting abortions. She knew how much they must agonize over making this decisions and it caused her pain. Her Mother mentioned this to her friend Sharon who gave her TESTIFY the book to give to her daughter to read. As the young teenager read Minka’s story she was so encouraged and knew there was a better way. She wished Minka could go into the schools to share her story. ”

- June A., San Clemente, CA


“I’m sure your hearing it a lot these days, but I wanted to add my voice for how much I loved Testify! The whole collection of stories and photos are so beautiful! ”

- Barbara M. San Clemente, CA


“I just wanted to tell you how fabulous “Testify” is. I love it! It is a quality book. It’s well worth the price tag and even more. God bless you for your obedience.”

- Eileen, Capo Beach, CA


“I just finished reading the first two stories in your book to Angela and she had to get me something to wipe me tears when I read Minka’s testimony. Annie the book is profound! Yet so simple! It is so beautiful. I can’t wait to read all the testimonies. To God Be The Glory!!!!!!!!!”

- Meg, San Clemente, CA


“I have so many friends from back home in the Philippines who wants the book. I have been talking to them about it. Believe it or not I was able to lead 1 of my classmates from high school to the Lord, and this is through Facebook. I was just sharing…about the book.”

- Vel, San Clemente, CA


“Testify the best book ever … I read it in a day!!!!!!!!! ”

- Shane B, San Clemente, CA (Student)


“I have to tell you that my husband (and I) are really enjoying that book. He started to read one of the stories to me the other night and he actually started to cry b/c he was so touched by it. I’VE NEVER …seen him cry. It was a really uplifting story even though it was very sad. I put it in our TV cabinet with my other special books and every day when I come home it’s back sitting out on the table, so maybe I’ll just leave it there. I think he enjoys reading a story with his coffee. I’ve read a few (not as many as him..he might have read them all by now) and it’s just a fabulous book.”

- (Anonymous) San Clemente, CA


“Testify the book has really touched my sister’s life. She leaves it out on her coffee table and her two daughters have read some of it. That in it self is a miracle. It is such a wonderful way to share what God will do if you are willing to put your faith in Him. After all who can deny someone’s story?”

- Nancy, San Juan Capistrano, CA


“With this set back in my life, I could be one of the people in your book. It has been a wake up call to my faith…it has made my belief on God and Jesus Christ stronger.”

- WM Seattle, WA


“Testify is on our coffee table! I have read about 10 stories. Still working on the rest. Congrats on this wonderful accomplishment …”

- M.D. Huntington Beach, CA


“Today I was reading TESTIFY to the women in my Inspirational Group at a Non/Faith Based Shelter. Last week I had shared Vel’s testimony with the group..they were deeply moved. This morning one of the ladies excitedly told me she had met Vel at one of the local clinics. She said “Vel I know you and I know your story”..how quickly God’s miracles spread! The enthusiasm, inspiration and hunger for God’s Word has blessed all of us. Can we meet Vel, Minka, Scott and Jeff? Will they come talk to us? Do you know these people? My heart is filled with Joy!”

- Donna Laguna Beach, CA


“I am still in awe about this incident because when this woman approached me (about knowing my name and story) a man from the Resource Centre asked about “my story” and asked me if I can share my testimony to all the homeless people present at that time. I did shared to all of them and 1 woman approached me and asked if she can have the Jesus that I have even though she is a sinner? Of course I told her that my God loves everybody and does not care who you are. I got the privilege to pray to a lot of homeless people there that day. By the way, this resource centre is not a faith-based organization either. God’s miracles are really contagious. He is allowing us to go these places and share his love.”


- Vel, San Clemente, CA


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