Created to Worship – The Carlos Cano Story

Carlos Cano is a twenty-three-year-old Christian recording artist. He recently appeared on ALMAVISION, a Mexican Christian television station worshiping Jesus Christ with his music. As a new songwriter Carlos has a positive message of salvation and hope to share with his audience. He believes he was created to worship and he knows personally the One who gives him the songs to write. Five years ago, he didn’t have a voice, didn’t sing, and certainly didn’t go to church.

Carlos was born in the town of Iguala, Mexico. His parents immigrated to the United States when he was just two years old, settling in Southern California in the city of Dana Point. The transition was hard for the family and eventually the parents split up. Carlos lived with his mother, who imparted good values and raised him with a Catholic background. He didn’t want to do anything that would break his mother’s heart, yet the streets outside had such a pull.

The lure to associate with gang members and a desire to fit in was often overwhelming. This lifestyle for a young Latino male is very strong, providing security and family. This is really all he ever wanted…to fit in. Carlos became an angry teenager, and if he didn’t turn his life around, was on his way to trouble.

It began in junior high, when he was first introduced to the gang lifestyle. Kids were selling drugs on campus and doing them in the bathroom. Alcohol was consumed in water bottles. In high school it was cocaine. Many of the gang members were violent and liked to fight. At this time he was drifting, without goals or ambition. Turning seventeen, Carlos reached his lowest point, when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had been his rock, and now she was sick.

How could God allow this to happen to her? He felt helpless, blaming God for everything, especially for his mom’s battle with cancer. Being a proud and strong young man, Carlos thought somehow he could make her better…but it didn’t work out that way.

This was a dark and frustrating time for him. He chose to hang out with people who would blaspheme God and ridicule the Bible. They all listened to satanic music and this seemed to fuel his hostility. He desperately wanted friends and family, yet he was so angry with everyone. Weekend parties and fighting were a way of life. He needed a dad to provide parenting, but it seemed too late for that. Anyway, he had no relationship with his father. Carlos was desperate and headed for trouble. If something didn’t happen soon, he would get caught and end up in jail.

One day his dad came knocking on the front door and told him he had become a Christian. Carlos felt very hostile toward his dad and really didn’t want to be around him, but for some reason that day, when his dad asked him to go to church, he went. Maybe it was the lunch invitation afterward. Dressed in gang-banger clothes and a beanie, he sat in the back of the church, listening to the message of salvation, that Jesus had died on the cross for him. How could that be? For me? Why would Christ die for me? There must be a logical answer.

During the next few weeks, as Carlos spent more time with his dad he noticed a big change. His father used to be so distant, angry, and showed little compassion for him. These last few weeks Carlos realized his dad demonstrated love, peace and joy. His father was a different man. It was easier being with him and so father and son continued going to church on Sundays in the hopes that their relationship would get better.

One Sunday, Carlos entered the church building hoping to find that same peace he had seen in his father. The pastor shared a message that day on how Jesus was the only one who could fill the void in our hearts and give us a reason to live, that we were created to worship HIM. Carlos felt so broken and desperately wanted to be whole.

He began to understand what the pastor was talking about, how he needed to surrender his life to Christ. As those very words were spoken, he broke down and wept, tears streaming down his face. Later he would say that he had not cried since he was 10 years old. Now his anger and pride were being washed off, and at that moment Carlos invited Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior into his life. That is where the Lord did the first miracle in him.

That day, after Carlos dedicated His life to the Lord, he couldn’t wait to go home and share his experience with his mom. She also received Jesus into her life, and for a year they were able to go to church together until she passed away from cancer.

During that time much reconciliation took place within his family. Carlos rejoices knowing his mom is resting in heaven with her Lord, and that brings him comfort. God has mended his relationship with his father and now they enjoy spending time together. Recently, the Lord has blessed Carlos with a wonderful wife. He is a contented man, no longer filled with anger, but walking in the peace of God.

As Carlos was learning so much about the Christian life and desiring to know his spiritual gifts, others would comment on his voice as he sang during worship, telling him that he had a beautiful voice. He was surprised and encouraged to hear that. He knew he felt good when he was singing to God, but was that really his voice? It sounded pretty good! With encouragement he began to explore voice lessons. He was lost in worshiping his heavenly Father and knew in his heart that his purpose was being fulfilled.

As this relationship grew deeper, God began to gift songs to him, not just downloading the lyrics but the music as well. Carlos knew this was a miracle from God because he could feel the power flowing through him, as songs would be written sometimes within five to ten minutes. It was the divine creativity of God, because he knew couldn’t do it on his own.

Shortly thereafter, the pastor of his church put him in touch with a recording producer. They began working together and within three months Carlos recorded his first album, PODER (power). He now travels to other churches sharing his love of God, giving Him all the glory, honor and praise. Carlos would be the first to say that, without HIM, he might not be here today…for he was created to worship.

“I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let glory be over all the earth.” Psalm 57: 9-11.

Today, Carlos has produced two Worship CD’s. His story is one of the chapters in Testify the Book. Next month, the Blog will feature the testimony, “Chosen for Your Glory.” Please feel free to send these testimonies out to someone who needs encouragement. When we share a  testimony we create an expectancy to see God, do it again!

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