Get to Know the Creator of Testify

Hi, my name is Annie Kilroy, and I am the Producer of TESTIFY. Now, having said that, let me assure you that TESTIFY is much more than I could ever create or imagine. TESTIFY is the very thumbprint and heartbeat of the Master Creator, God in Heaven, expressed in ordinary individuals.

Like many of us I love a good people story. To read of triumph and victory over life circumstances warms my heart. The difference for me between a newsworthy story and a testimony is the power and revelation of the nature of God.

The people represented in TESTIFY, are just ordinary people like you and me who have faced the same life challenges we hear about every day. What makes their stories different is that they serve an extraordinary God. They stand victoriously and give their personal testimonies of faith so that we all might be encouraged.

Having received a miracle healing in 2008 I was full of gratitude for my Father in Heaven, looking for an avenue to express it. God infused in me the need for people to share their “God” stories; to TESTIFY! It was His mandate after all, that each of us would be an advertisement of His loving presence and desire to change our lives.

Testify was birthed out of that vision.

What God has declared in His Word from the beginning is eternal and prophetic as it is passed down from generation to generation. The testimony creates an excitement and expectancy to see God “do it again.” It has everlasting life, and when you become a Christian you are related to the God who makes signs and miracles happen. Talk about a heritage!

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